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Cowboy Coffee

Free Advice

This is worth whatever you think it is. If you ask a question that is interesting, and if I think others will be interested, then my best answer will follow.

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Business As Usual

Not Free Advice

This is where I will assist in commercial endeavors. As commercial implies, I will charge for this assistance and terms will be discussed until we arrive at a consensus.

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The Think Tank

Real nuts and bolts product development and commercial think tank

In this area, I will likely pull in assistance from existing professional contacts in order to satisfy a commercial or product development process. In all cases, fees will apply and payment methods will be by contract.

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What I am about!

I am a guy with a lot of life experiences, a few good friends, and a lot of acquaintances. Over the years I have accumulated what I call a considerable amount of “earned wisdom”. I am mostly self-educated, but I have never stopped learning. I am a family man with kids, grandkids, and great grandkids. That being said, I feel a bit qualified to offer my opinions as answers to many types of questions. As a frequent flyer on Quora, I have noticed that my replies to many types of questions are apparently popular. That popularity seems to be growing. I have decided to push the envelope a bit by starting this website which includes the BLOG and a complete social media platform for communicating with family and friends in a secure public environment.
Starting The Process

Next Step…

Leave me a question and I will answer it. If I can not answer it, I will either say, seek a response elsewhere or perhaps ask some of my friends or even a few professionals that I know. I have no specialty or any credentials beyond what I have stated, so your mileage may vary.


Social Media

Social Media

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