Today’s Thoughts: 11/10/2020; In the aftermath of the most contested political process in the last 100 years!

I’m sure I am not the only one to recognize that the current process of managing the process of elections is in need of some real changes. Over the last few weeks I have been a participant and observer of the worst managed process of sorting out who will lead this country that has existed in my entire lifetime. It is my opinion that we the people of this United States must demand a change. There is sufficient technology available right now to allow for a digital process that is backed up by a handwritten proxy system that would allow for the nearly instant tabulation of all voters cast by eligible voters and within that process the methods for registering and validating the process for veracity.

I put forth a list of those possibilities below and since this is an open forum please feel free to add thoughts for the process that I might miss. Also PLEASE share this with anyone that you wish. Just click on one of the social media links on the page to share.

  1. Federal elections MUST be separated from State elections and held on a day that is set aside for them.
  2. All states, counties, and localities must allow, by law, a day off work, school, etc. so that every voter can be assured the right to be a participant. This day to vote does not have to be on a certain day, but must be allowed within the period for which elections are called. That day must be allowed at the voter’s discretion. It may be any day within the voting time frame allowed including any weekday or weekend day. This will allow the voter to participate on a day when they are not required to work or attend other required activities.
  3. Registration for federal elections must be set up within a blockchain digital system whereby each applicant will be assigned a blockchain wallet with a verified identification number. The ONLY person with access to that wallet, after it is verified, is the registered voter. By law, that wallet will be destroyed by the blockchain system if the registrant does not keep it updated with current verified geophysical information. If the wallet is destroyed due to the registrant being delinquent in keeping it updated or due to some issues of health or other matters, then the registrant must re-apply and be assigned a new different wallet and ID number. This process will eliminate any fraud of using voter ID and will eliminate the use of deceased voters ID as well. Filing a death certificate by county, state, or localities and the validation of such would also activate a self-destruction order of the blockchain wallet by the blockchain system. Proof of such an event could be contested by and via a reapplication by the voter.
  4. Registration of voters and the requirements for validation of the blockchain ID will be the responsibility of an agency of the federal government and would be aligned with the Census Bureau only and with other agencies such as the Social Security Administration et. al. serving as part of the validation process. All information collected for that purpose and placed within the blockchain wallet is to be classified as private and as such not subject to any scrutiny by any other federal agency including law enforcement or national security agencies. This has nothing to do with the activities of any other agency and poses no threat to any of them or their duties. Allowing the intrusion of other agencies would destroy the good faith required for the system to be operated properly and trusted by voters.
  5. Registration for all federal elections must have a defined date that establishes a deadline for valid registration. Keeping in mind that any blockchain wallet update by the registered voter may be done regardless of the registration deadline as long as there is only one vote allowed for the registrant’s voter ID during any federal election.
  6. Blockchain votes when cast will be assigned to the registered “Electors” for the geophysical location in which the voter resides. It is my opinion that the wise decision of our founders to disallow a popular vote and rather to use an electoral system is a good plan that levels the playing field for all people. The founders recognized the probability that high concentrations of voters in some geographical areas might unduly influence the outcome of elections in a manner that would be highly divisive if the geographical situations are not taken into consideration. For those of you that are not aware; “In the Electoral College system, each state gets a certain number of electors based on its total number of representatives in Congress. Each elector casts one electoral vote following the general election; there are a total of 538 electoral votes. The candidate that gets more than half (270) wins the election.” a further explanation is that: “House of Representatives apportioned to each state is determined after each decennial census by a mathematical formula set by federal law. Unless a state’s constitution provides otherwise, each legislature has the authority to draw its state’s congressional district boundaries.”
  7. The census process also should be implemented in a manner so that noncitizens are represented as such and are required by law to be registered in the census, that representative apportionment does not include them in the voting process. It is my opinion that any noncitizen who has legally applied for citizenship should be granted provisional voter rights as the outcome does affect them and basic human rights dictate this be allowed.
  8. Since the decennial census is involved in the process, we must analyze if the timing is best suited for our spot in history. 10 years apart might have been effective 250 years ago, but with the speed at which change occurs now the process needs to be updated. I would propose that the census be also included in the same blockchain wallet system with a constant update in process based on constant geophysical updates of all citizens and registered citizenship applicants. Based on these criteria I suggest that all electors be appointed for their geographical areas and allotted to the representative’s areas in a time frame that is ended with the allowed date of ending voter registration.
  9. As I am aware there are citizens that are not well versed in the English language but nonetheless are valid voters. There are also elderly, or disenfranchised people who are also entitled to be registered as voters. I propose that those individuals be identified and allowed special conditions for participating in all federal elections by allowing for multiple languages including sign language and braille for those that require it. These individuals must be assisted by the federal government if needed in order for them to participate.
  10. Under no circumstances are political parties allowed to have access to individual voters contact info unless the voter requests it of the parties, never by supply from any federal agency. All registrations and individual votes are to remain anonymous after being cast thru the blockchain system.
  11. To engage this system I propose developing internet and phone applications that enable the use of the blockchain wallet system and that for those individuals who are unable to use either of these systems for any reason a mandated voter system with blockchain registration and polling places available to any who are registered, or wish to register and that those persons be provided with assistance for that purpose. Those activities to be completed prior to the registration for voter ID deadline.

Anyone with thoughts to assist in cleaning up this mess within our current system please send them to me at or add them as comments. You will be required to register for a membership in order to post comments but it is free.