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True Texas Longhorn

Our Approach

My Approach

I will try to be as blunt and honest as reasonable. If you are asking for assistance with some product or project that is of a commercial nature, then expect there to be a discussion of my fees before your concern is addressed. Yes, I do consult for several commercial processes in quite a few areas.

Our Story

My Story

This is a brief synopsis of how I got here.

I was raised on a farm in central Texas until I was able to get a driving license. I left the farm thereafter. I have vast experience in most all phases of retail, light construction, sales, management, product development, original inventions, along with decades of family life in a nuclear family. Somewhere along the way, I got interested in Physics and computers, along with photography. I am an experienced website developer and Mediawiki site manager. There is a lot more but for now, this will help you assess my capabilities.

Our Approach

Our Story

Meet the Team

This is of course where I will post new members of the "team" of crusty associates. As soon as any apply and meet your expectations. All "team" members or staffers will be vetted by our clients prior to addition to the staff.

POP aka John Foster

POP aka John Foster

Founder & CEO

  • http://www.physicswiki.net
  • PhysicsWki Associates
  • http://www.aspkpop.net
  • J.W. Foster & Associates

Enjoying Life!!


Place holder for future staff

Staff member

Apply if you are interested.

Linux Fanatic

Place Holder for futrure Staff Member

Staff Member

Apply if you are interested.

Next Steps...

This is where you can contact me for commercial endeavors.