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Registration for membership on AskPop is required for posting of any kind. You will be creating an open forum account somewhat like  other social media platforms. The main difference is that we do NOT accumulate any information that you input beyond that which is required to manage the site and your membership. We have monetized this site but only if you see or click on an ad. We do NOT sell any of your information or any of your searches or other browser type information. You can post questions or any type of information here and any member may view them. If you want to do so all your content can be made private and shared only with people that you include as friends or group members.

Free Advice

This is worth whatever you think it is. If you ask a question that is interesting, and if I think others will be interested, then my best answer will follow.

Not Free Advice

This is where I will assist in commercial endeavors. As commercial implies, I will charge for this assistance and terms will be discussed until we arrive at a consensus.

Think Tank Consulting Service, & Commercial Product Development,

In this area, I will likely pull in assistance from existing professional contacts in order to satisfy a commercial or product development process. In all cases, fees will apply and payment methods will be by contract.

My Life Compared to Yours

Not Commercial Advice

If you need some advice for personal reasons just ask. I will tell you up front this advice is free as long as there are no commercial implications. I also state categorically, that I have no credentials for providing said advice.

Think Tank, Consulting Service, & Commercial Product Development,

If you have need of professional services in one or several areas, then apply here. We will advise as to how we can help or how we can put together a plan for you and discuss how our fees will apply.  The areas of concern are prioritized as well as segmented into specific needs.

Business Innovations

Next Step…

Get in touch with us and give us the opportunity to assist with your mission.

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