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I wish to express my displeasure and loss of interest in the current direction taken by the COS Action. I am a libertarian by politics, a personal conservative by nature, and have no religious convictions. I have supported the COS for several years now and would continue to do so if it had not become apparent that the “movement” has become subverted to a purely politically biased position that strongly resembles a plain old current Republican Party stance. I could even tolerate that except for the seeming loss of direction by COS leadership. I have noticed that the COS has adopted some very slick marketing of itself and now is selling merchandise to ostensibly support itself. I have “donated” to COS in the past and would continue to do so, were it not for these changes. As political movements get larger they are always infiltrated by people looking to take or make a monetary advantage for themselves or to inflate their political presence. That is what we are experiencing in Washington currently. The original NATIONAL policy that is touted by the COS is why I joined. I do not support any localized TEXAS only policies as I think we do a good job of managing our own business here. We need to leave our concerns with Washington and deal with that issue by itself, we are not yet there and ALL our focus needs to be in rendering the US Constitution to fit our NEEDS. After that is accomplished, anything COS wants to do as far as the state is up to those left in the organization.  If you are interested in these opinions, feel free to copy and paste to your social media. I appreciate the interest.

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