New Opportunities

Since the onset of the current SARS COVID-19 pandemic, I have seen a huge uptick in people trying to get situated with upgrades to an existing web site or to establishing a new website with merchandising or retail capabilities. Just to keep anyone seeking this type of expertise I am listing some of our capabilities that can assist those endeavors.

Linux System Administration; Remote

WordPress installation and Management: Remote

Mediawiki and Mediawiki Enterprise Installation and Management: Remote

Full Process Accounting Systems: Remote

Online Retail and P.O.S. Systems: remote

Complete Website Installation, Setup, and Management: Remote

So far we only handle English language products and work with Windows 10 to a limited extent. Our base is Linux and we work with Debian, Ubuntu, their derivative distros, and are capable of managing Redhat products. Some others are available offsite such as CentOS, Elementary, and Peppermint OS. No custom programming is available. We work with existing and current OpenSoftware products as well as some commercial Linux products. This does include database installations and integration. If you need help contact us via e-mail here at we will respond promptly to any query.