Todays Thoughts: 03/23/2020

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Today’s Thoughts: 03/23/2020

Well, it seems that I like many others are now locked down to wait out the SARS Covid-19 virus spread. I expect this to last a while based on my observations of what has happened in China and Russia where the governments contained, via force, the spread of the disease. I live in the DFW area and it looks like the local governments are taking the most prudent and in my opinion the correct actions to slow down the disease. I am by no means recommending a similar approach here beyond using common sense to keep safe. I do think our government has been far less than adequate in the approach taken to contain this disease. The people in Washington are currently using this pandemic as a political tool and most of you realize it. All one needs is to see the fiasco playing out between the very partisan programs that both sides are trying to push on the American people.

The administration needs to quit waiting to actually use the existing War Powers Act and get those very basic medical needs met. If we end up producing too much of any product, then we sell it or donate it to other areas that are severely hit. It is in my opinion time for the entire population of Earth to realize that we are at the most basic level one species and begin to work as such to keep us all well and healthy. The political goals of those in all governments need to be examined to see if those goals are really for the benefit of all of us.

As for the trillion-dollar bill before our congress, I say why? No problem “must” ever be solved with one single approach. It seems to me that this issue can be broken up into 3 parts:

1. Get done those that affect people’s health first.

2. Get done with those that affect people’s livelihood and our ability to provide for our families basic needs food, shelter, safety.

3. Economic stability should be broken into a stated process that includes every business that pays taxes with incorporated entities getting only what they actually need to keep afloat by providing for active workers wages and only in the form of federal loans that must be repaid. Not given to the owners, stockholders, or managers. The exceptions to this would be those corporations that are required to perform under the War Powers Act. Unincorporated or small LLC or S corps that pay taxes, with less than 500 employees should be also afforded loans and or grants based on employees’ needs to provide income and should be made available to employees via federal distribution to individual employees as taxpayers, not given to the owners. All other currently unemployed citizens should be temporarily put into a category of federal or state employees and be paid a living wage, along with issuing a government-sponsored, either state or federal or both, food provision card. These programs in the longer term would be ONLY for US citizens who can prove that they are US citizens. For now, every person in the country should have access to needed basic items, food, shelter, safety. This measure would assist in keeping the spread of the disease down by allowing everyone to stay at home for a specified time. The economy will rebound as soon as the pandemic clears and folks can resume their jobs and at that time when we see payroll taxes returning to refill the government’s coffers, the need can be reduced, over a specified time, from for all these support measures. All this could be done via reversal of current withholdings and direct issuance to all wage earners that pay taxes and to all citizens file tax returns.

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