Todays Thoughts: 07/04/2019. Happy 4th of July!

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Just a couple of observations for all of you to ponder. Today I drove in to work, yep I work most holidays, and while cruising along I decided to see how many American flags I could spot on the way in. I figured there would be alot. Well I was very surprised to see a total of 31 flying in the morning breeze. The break down was 19 of those were on 3 business locations. Used car lots and 1. restaurant called Bubbas had 8 of the 19. The rest were on other businesses. Home Depot, a bank, and Chick Fil A had really big flags and the rest were on small businesses. What I began to notice were the places that had empty flag poles. Every hotel or motel, every church, nearly every business that had poles were empty. Did not see any on a couple of schools either.

I just want to point out that something is amiss in this country when we have lost our national pride and our appreciation of all that we have.

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