Today’s Thoughts: 07/10/2019

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So I have been reading a few articles regarding the use of foreign technology devices in our governments offices and even military locations. Today was specifically regarding cameras with “suspect” capabilities that are made by Chinese companies. I have realized that as a nation the USA should have legal requirements in place that prohibit the use or procurement of any defense dept. or government office or agency from using technology or any other product that is required for the operation of our systems of government or any defence agency. To be precise, if it is any matter of State or Federal security, we need to make and be totally responsible for the materials and devices. It is also my opinion that these measures should be assigned with similar oversight to any nationally required grid system such as fuels, electric, communications, and transportation. We have allowed corporate greed and plain human greed to supplant common sense when it comes to these matters. In short, let’s keep the fox out of the henhouse!

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