Today’s Thoughts: 07/23/2018

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Well, I have had this BLOG up for a short time now and so far nobody except one Chinese hacker has shown any interest.  I have just reset the system so that anyone can e-mail a question to  However I have disabled the WordPress users subscription process.  I have done this so that I may manage the site’s content to some degree.  I’m feeling pretty good about the basic functions of the system so far and I want to remind you that this is my first attempt at a WordPress managed site. I am pretty impressed with the software so far.

At this point, I am asking for anyone that stops by to simply add an e-mail to me. I also want anyone interested to send any topics that you might want me to post a review of. I don’t consider any questions or topics as off bounds except items of a criminal nature and welcome any ideas for subject matter. I only speak English, Texan, And RedNeck so your mileage may vary if you use any other language.

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