Today’s Thoughts: 11/04/2018 Regarding The Convention of States movement

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I have noticed an alarming number of critical articles from the mainstream media regarding The Convention Of States movement. This seems to be from the aspect of mostly those who would like to suppress the movement. Just for the record, anyone reading this should know I am an independent with Libertarian views.  I support Libertarian efforts, but like many do not always support them with my vote. I tend to vote my conscience and toward the lesser of evils because I NEED my vote to count for some advancement or cause that I support. I do this in local, state and federal elections. I wish I could just choose candidates that I really support but I can not because my single vote does count in many areas and choosing the lesser of evils is just my way of securing the process. Now that we have established a bit about the character of the author lets get to the meat of the issue regarding COS as we refer to it. I fully support the COS and do so with my published opinions, and when I can my pocketbook. I do realize that it is at best a very imperfect process. I, however, do know that the “threat” of a COS has been successful in the past in getting the federal bureaucracy off it’s collective butt to actually do things that “THEY”  do not want to do. The US government is a huge, bloated, carcass of aged persons with no intention of ever giving up any tiny bit of the power we “citizens” have given them. Now as I am also an aged carcass, I have the right to administer that description with complete impunity.  The reason for this post is that I want to “emphasize” the “threat” potential of the COS movement. Like any big behemoth, the federal government has a small reptilian brain function that prods it to defend itself. That part is hard at work right now, trying to figure out how to rid itself of the growing fungus of the COS movement. To be sure, the “fungus” analogy is very appropriate because if the COS is left untreated or unappeased it WILL GROW and eventually take over the host government.  The reason for the current politician’s concern is that they know for sure that they will have to act sooner than later to cause the COS to lose momentum.  To be sure I don’t care which process works out as long as all my concerns are addressed. It has worked in priors situations. To Be Continued…….

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