Today’s Thoughts: 01/22/2019 The Government Shutdown!

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I am wondering just when the American people and by that I mean every single person residing within the borders of the U.S. I don’t mean criminals or people who wish to see our country destroyed. I do include any individuals that are “productively” participating in the day to day process of “living ” as Americans, regardless of how they came to be here. Those that follow our laws, and participate in the daily activities of earning a wage, if possible, and spending that wage “IN THE U.S.” for the necessities of life and to provide for themselves and their families.

I am wondering when those people will get completely fed up and DEMAND via some legal means that we get the proper businesslike operation of the government that WE PAY FOR. The stalemate within the federal government is so far past ridiculous that it has become the butt of jokes and punchlines for comedians on a daily basis. It has become so bad that even “illegal aliens” are considering going home. After all, if the shutdown continues the “perks” that they are seeking will dry up if indeed that is all they are after. If on the other hand, they are simply here to make a living and be productive in society, then they too will be as annoyed as am I at the politicians in Washington.

It is completely ridiculous to think we can simply figure out who these estimated 11 million people are and deport them from the U.S. It is my belief that with the number of “undocumented” people currently residing in the U.S., our first course of business is the get all those “productive” people “documented”. That can be achieved by the issuance of a national identification document that is impossible to forge or duplicate and is based on Block Chain technology. Those ID devices would be issued by the Federal government for the sole purpose of identifying U.S. citizens. They would NOT be used for ANY OTHER purpose. They would replace all U.S. Documents for that purpose including passports, military ID, social security numbers, virtually all federal ID devices. There would be NO temporary issuances for any reason, and those ID devices would be collected and destroyed after the citizen dies. There would be NO voting in any federal election without one of these ID devices. If any state government wanted to use them for ID purposes, that would not be allowed as the citizen holding the ID must ONLY present the device to federal agents as mandated by law, for the purpose of voting and for leaving or returning to the U.S. The citizen is responsible for keeping the device secure. If any states want to issue an ID they are free to do so as they see fit, I would recommend they use a similar approach for proving state residence and ID. A state ID would supplant using drivers license and social security cards and numbers for ID purposes. These items are currently too easy to fake, forge or duplicate and allow criminals to escape identification.

To the ends described I want to have everyone consider that this be added to the platform of The Convention of States movement. The Constitution of the U.S. needs a bit of an overhaul. We must as citizens require fiscal responsibility from our elected peers in government. We must require them to submit to term limits as set forth in a revised Constitution. The “elected officials” will currently NEVER suggest or submit to term limits as they stand to lose millions in income. It is up to “us”, the real U.S. citizens to get control of the government. An Article Five Constitutional Convention called by the member states of the U.S. will allow us to do this!

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