Today’s Thoughts:06/29/2018

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Today I am pleased to announce that this site is completely operational. I have the e-mail working and all my features are functioning. You will notice this is a monetized site, thanks to the ads you will see posted. Sorry, but I need to pay for the bandwidth and equipment. Still waiting for someone to start the process with a question. I have been toying with the idea to start with some opinion pieces. Perhaps a dive into some volatile subject just to get the ball rolling. That is an aspect that is still on the table for now. I think I will start off by improving on the synopsis of things I and my friends are offering.
I have also been considering what other areas that I might want to be linked to AskPop. I was advised to add a Twitter account, Facebook account, and Instagram account. Since that advice came from my kids and grandkids, I will be doing that and setting up links on the home page as well. I am very open to other ideas from any source whereby I can get this site fully fleshed out and optimized.

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